How QuickBooks helps you keep track of financial data of your company

Keeping a record is much easier when you have the right tool. Among many business accounting solutions QuickBooks is one of the top choice in the market.
Some reasons for why it is on the top:
1. Track Your Sales Result– This software makes it easy to enter the sales receipts and invoices for your product and services. It is much easier to handle. It is quite user friendly.
2. Monitors Your Cost– Whenever you want to know how much you are spending on your particular vendor QuickBooks helps you put a tract on it. Use the expenses by vendor summary for quick report.
3. Send Invoices to the Client– This helps you mail the invoices to your
Customer without hassle. With QuickBooks you could always opt to print a hard copy of invoices and mail them out yourself.
4. Pay Vendors– If you like convenience in your business operations, then try electronic pill payment option. You can easily setup your account for online services and schedule your payment through QuickBooks. This will help you manage your cash flow and ensure timely payment to your vendors.

QuickBooks helps you keep track of financial data of your company
Depreciate Assets- Tracking the fixes assets for depreciation is a breeze. With the fixed Asset Manager the QuickBooks creates the depreciation for us. Then print schedules for your accountant and use the information while filling your income tax return.
Financial Reporting– QuickBooks has almost 100 reports that you can use to grow your business. One of its added benefits is the ability to customize financial report to reflect the information that you need to make the business discussion. This reporting is of great help to the user.
Prink Checks– Another convenient feature of this program is checking the print. You can enter bills and choose to enter one or multiple bills using this software. The printer and the check stock are just a few steps.
Analyzing Trend– The financial reports of QuickBooks provide insight into many aspects of the company. You can use it to compare result from year to year, month to month or in quarterly or daily basis. If you prefer to see the result in graphs QuickBooks will provide you this solution also.
Business planning– Planning for your business is better when you have the number to support assumptions. QuickBooks is a great tool for the same. It could be used for conjunction and planning software’s.
Helps Creating Budgets– QuickBooks software could be used to set up budget and project cash flows. Either you can start from scratch or you can use previous year’s financial history to project each line item.
If you are stuck with some problem related to QuickBooks financing, QuickBooks Technical Support service is always there for your service. Feel free to contact on its toll free number. They are available 24*7 at our service. They have skilled and highly equipped technicians for our assistance.QuickBooks helps you keep track of financial data of your company

If you are unable to track Financial company data in QuickBooks. You can call QuickBooks Customer Support Number 1-800-518-183 USA (Toll-Free). Our customer support team resolves your QuickBooks technical problem. We provide 24*7 customer supports for QuickBooks users.

New Generation Quick Payroll is launched


EasyBiz QuickBooks has launched their new generation Quick Payroll package, which offers a number of enhancements, making it the quickest and most feature-rich payroll package they have offered yet. Whether you run a one-person business or one that employs thousands, the one piece of financial software that you will find essential (next to your accounting software) is payroll software. There is a reason why it is essential. In an ever-changing work environment where governments are constantly updating their statutory demands, your payroll must always accurate. Quick Payroll removes the stress of running your own business by ensuring that users have the correct financial tools at their disposal all of the time.

Just some of the reasons to consider Quick Payroll’s newest generation software are the following; like QuickBooks Accounting Software, Quick Payroll is easy to use; with Quick Payroll, you will always be updated with the latest software and legislative version; Quick Payroll enables you to easily store and access comprehensive, statutory employee details, while keeping payroll data safe and secure with tight security control through password protection and user-set access levels.

With Quick Payroll, you have the ability to set your own company payroll parameters such as fringe benefits and company contribution definitions. The package is SARS compliant, ensuring that EMP/201 and EMP/501 tax submissions are made quickly and simply. In the same vein, Quick Payroll guarantees accurate PAYE, UIF, SDL and WCA calculations as well as generating annual, electronic IRP5’s and IT3A’s. Quick Payroll brings users superior workflow integration in the E@syfile format. Additionally, Quick Payroll software takes the stress out of your compulsory EMP501 submissions, by facilitating hassle-free record and document storage.

There are many elements built into this software that allow for personalisation, for example, the system can manage employee loans on a monthly basis as accumulative balances are displayed in an easy to understand format. Users can create an unlimited number of transactions for different rates of normal and overtime pay. With Quick Payroll, it is also easy to process special or additional pay runs and perform ‘what if’ pay slips. With Quick Payroll, there is an automatic accrual of leave days due, automatic leave pay out calculations on termination of employees and an automatic calculation of BCEA leave rates per employee.

From a size point of view, Quick Payroll is unlimited in terms of the amount of employees it can handle, meaning that whether you are a small business with limited staff or a large conglomerate with hundreds of staff, there is a package for you. Also, with just one Quick Payroll software package, you can run the accounts for multiple companies, so long as each is represented by at least one employee. This solution even supports multiple company files. Also, no matter how many different pay schedules you have to run, Quick Payroll software will simply and conveniently keep track of all outgoing finances, making sure your employees are paid on time whether it is weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Security and data protection are obviously key within the Payroll space and with Quick Payroll, regardless of the size of the accounts department, the software allows users to enjoy tight security through password protection and user-set permission levels. This guarantees that data can only be read by authorised parties.

Quick Payroll software allows users to produce and manage huge amounts of data, from performance details and records to staff contact information. This ensures that you remain organised and effective in your business administration.

Said Gary Epstein, MD of EasyBiz QuickBooks, “Quick Payroll 2016 offers huge enhancements and new functionality to make it the best payroll package that we have delivered to date. We are proud to bring this to market in line with our ambitions of giving businesses in South Africa the best possible software tools to ensure their success.”

When purchased, Quick Payroll offers free support for the first year as well as legislative and product updates. After the first year, Quick Payroll is then subject to an annual licence fee. To find our more about Quick Payroll, visit or call 0861 726 657.

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How to Back-Up a QuickBooks Company File

The QuickBooks company file contains all the financial records of the company. So it’s important to keep it safe. It is advised to create a backup of the company data files every time you work on it. This is to ensure that you will have an updated copy of your accounting records, and can be restored during a data loss. QuickBooks even programmed reminder frequency, scheduling backups, formatting floppy disk while backup, and verifying data integrity.

At month’s end, keep a backup off-site. Similarly, do it end of the year too. To perform the backup feature, it is necessary to be single-user. Switch to single-user mode, and make sure that there is no other user logged in. Choose ‘File’, and switch to ‘Single-user Mode’. Follow the options and log in. After finishing the backup job for the company file, you can switch back to the Multi-user Mode.

Create Back Up File Manually

QuickBooks offers two ways to make a backup of your company file. You can opt for manually back up or automatically backup. To back up a company file manually, follow the below steps.

  • Go to ‘File’, choose ‘Back Up Company’ ‘
  • Select ‘Local Backup’.
  • Click the ‘Options’ tab. The ‘Backup Options’ window will appear.
  • Click ‘Browse’ and choose the location to save the backup copy. You can select any file hosting service, or flash drive or external media to save the file.
  • Click OK.
  • You can set additional settings.
  • Add the date and time of the backup to the file name (recommended)
  • Limit the number of backup copies to this folder to #
  • Remind me to backup when I close my computer file every # times
  • Verify data: (choose option) Complete verification (recommended)/ Quicker verification/ No verification
  • Click Next.
  • Select ‘Save It Now’, and click Finish. Your backup company file is ready.
  • If you select ‘Save it now’ and ‘schedule future backups’ or ‘Only schedule future backups’.
  • Click ‘Save backup copy automatically when I chose my company file’ and enter the number of times to schedule a backup.
  • Click ‘New’ to set up a backup schedule.
  • Click OK and Finish.

Automatic Back Up File

QuickBooks is designed with two automatic backup methods. The first method generates a backup file every time you close the company file. You can set the regularity of creating the backup. QuickBooks saves the backup on the system’s hard drive, where QuickBooks is running, in “Auto Backup” folder under QuickBooks directory.

As the second method, you can program an unattended backup, which means you will no need to operate either your computer or QuickBooks.

  • Go to ‘File’ menu, select ‘Back Up’.
  • Click on the ‘Schedule a Backup’ tab.
  • Check the ‘Automatically back up when closing data file’ box.
  • Enter the backup frequency.
  • Select the appropriate options in the Backup window.
  • Click OK

Schedule Unattended Backup :

  • Go to ‘File’, select Back Up.
  • Click on the ‘Schedule Backup’ tab.
  • Select the ‘New’ tab.
  • Select the appropriate options in the Backup window.
  • Click OK and the new schedule will be saved.

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Advantage of QuickBooks Add-Ons in QuickBooks Hosting Environment

add-oneQuickBooks accounting software from Intuit is a standout amongst the most desired accounting software. Numerous business associations are utilizing it with cloud facilitating services. Cloud facilitating service supplier oversees the greater part of the disorganized assignments required to utilize business applications and spare clients cash. Distributed computing services are given on the premise of pay as you go worldview which is an exceptionally powerful method for sparing cash. This is the purpose for the popularity of facilitating services. It’s not just application facilitating services that support QuickBooks, QuickBooks add-on applications likewise upgrade the utility of this product. These applications can likewise be facilitated on cloud alongside QuickBooks itself. As there are numerous cloud facilitating merchants you ought to comprehend what’s in store from your Cloud service supplier.

The greater part of the clients stay upbeat running QuickBooks additional items from the stand alone PC, others might want to exploit multi-client openness when they will get incorporated information alongside complete specialized supports. Facilitating of information and applications on terminal servers is dependable as well as speedier than whatever other customary  web  server.


QuickBooks add on cloud accompanies remote availability. It implies getting to the product by means of any web association from wherever. They likewise give moving information reinforcement to thirty days. These facilitating service merchants give compelling information security alongside reinforcement services.

Aside from that, QuickBooks add on cloud offers on interest adaptability of IT assets so one can undoubtedly raise the force of their system without the prerequisite of any equipment or software adjustment. This makes client’s occupation bountifully simpler as they won’t need to set up the IT foundation independent from anyone else. All the support and setup errands are finished by cloud facilitating service suppliers.

For on-line security of information, cloud host utilizes most redesigned efforts to establish safety like SQL infusion, firewalls, hostile to spyware,  and so forth. Client’s information is kept in various quantities of server farms built up at various locales free from the peril of common catastrophes. Information is secured in fact complex top notch server farms. These data focuses are well set with most recent instruments and comforts like all day, every day power reinforcement, exceptionally delicate smoke finders, observation cameras, interruption identification framework, and so forth. If there should arise an occurrence of any issue like information misfortune or harm, client will essentially recapture information from host’s server.

Advantages of Quickbooks-add-ons are-

  • It assists you to grow the productivity of your QuickBooks software.
  • It assists you to customize your business management system
  • It enhances accuracy
  • It reduces the effort to double entry system
  • It assists to reduce entries.

Utilizing facilitated QuickBooks additional items is likewise helpful regarding data transfer capacity. In the event that your business arbitrarily draws levels of popularity on processing assets, you don’t need to back off your business and constraining likelihood of benefits. The Cloud facilitating service supplier can without much of a stretch raise the assets on-interest. This can be especially valuable for associations with abnormal amounts of interest in a specific length, for instance charge season or bubbly event.

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Today QuickBooks discovers its application among individuals from all around the globe. This product is such a great amount of simple to utilize that any individual who does not have a lot of idea regarding bookkeeping strategy can in any case make utilization of it with small help. If anybody has an uncertainty identified with a few or the other element of it, he can at present benefit technical help with his issue from QuickBooks bolster page on the web. Live help however is not provided by Intuit to its QuickBooks application until further notice. One could obviously attempt to utilize the email to get a proper solution for his QuickBooks-related worry from the online support group.

QuickBooks tech support

Commonly, individuals may not locate this medium of QuickBooks support to be that much helpful, and may look for option techniques for support. The most prominent option mediums of such services that are generally utilized these days include:

  • Technical support services of a third party phone support agent.
  • Technical help from some online group about QuickBooks issues.

Individuals could as a rule need technical help with numerous sorts of QuickBooks-related issues, a couple of which include:

  1. QuickBooks is not ready to get to remotely-put away information document over server
  2. Authorizing data is not legitimate
  3. QuickBooks works at snail pace on multi-client mode
  4. Not able to duplicate or move organization information record
  5. Information record has gotten to be adulterated
  6. Not able to utilize old information record with new QuickBooks programming
  7. Not able to install QuickBooks on PC
  8. Not ready to update existing QuickBooks form
  9. QuickBooks application is not opening up

The individuals who are not ready to get much assistance from online bolster page and are looking for nothing QuickBooks support provider over the internet. These sites incorporate dialogs of a few clients who either look for or furnish help with various types of technical issues identified with QuickBooks. One could read through important talk strings to show signs of improvement comprehension about the same and afterward can experiment with the same technique all alone. In the event that there is no important string recorded the client could likewise request that others bail him out with his issue over yonder.

Benefits of using QuickBooks:

  1. You save time
  2. You save money
  3. Money Management
  4. Expense Billing
  5. Sales Invoicing
  6. Reporting
  7. User Friendly
  8. Integration
  9. Customization

Regularly individuals may not think that its simple to manage a QuickBooks issue all alone, just by perusing online manuals or related gatherings. At such a time one could look for QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number to fix the issue immediately. Via scanning for such available to come back to work services over the web, insights around a great deal of such technical support suppliers can be found. It is additionally prescribed to experience audits from previous clients before framing up a decision about the believability of one such accessible as needs be technical support supplier. Numerous technical support providers offer remote technical support to any individual who feels the requirement for the same. One must consider all the related angles before picking his favored medium of help.

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Read Here : How to Enter a Loan in QuickBooks ?

Entering a loan in QuickBooks is not a difficult task, but it is detailed. Entering a loan into QuickBooks takes a number of different steps and forgetting to do just one of them can leave you with an inaccurate balance sheet. You will have to know what kind of loan it is, such as current or long term. You will have to know what the opening balance is. You will have to know what the interest payment is going to be and make sure all of it is correct.

AA000049Add the loan account to the chart of accounts in QuickBooks. Open up the chart of accounts by using the Lists tab on the top menu bar. Click “Ctrl” and “N” to create a new account. When the New Account window opens, look under the Assets and Liabilities section, click on “Loan” and click “Continue.”

Change the account type if necessary. The default account type for a loan is other current liability. If the loan you are entering is expected to be paid off within one year, the default type is fine. If this is a loan that will take longer than a year to repay, change the account type at the top of the page to long term liability.

Enter all loan information. First, name the loan. Make sure it’s a name that you can recognize at a glance. Use “Truck Loan” as opposed to “Loan Acct. #333.” Second, enter the description of the purpose for the loan. Third, enter the account number or the number used on checks and other payment forms to identify this as your account. The tax-line mapping can be entered by your accountant later. If you use the “Enter Opening Balance” button, the payee is the finance company you will be making payments to and the amount of the opening balance is the amount that you financed.Create a new interest expense account for this loan. One of the most common mistakes in creating loans in QuickBooks is forgetting to establish the amount of interest being paid. This reduces the principle on the loan, making it seem as if the loan is paid off before it actually is. Use the information in the paperwork of the loan to determine how much of the monthly payment will be principle and how much will be interest.

Create a new interest expense account for this loan. One of the most common mistakes in creating loans in QuickBooks is forgetting to establish the amount of interest being paid. This reduces the principle on the loan, making it seem as if the loan is paid off before it actually is. Use the information in the paperwork of the loan to determine how much of the monthly payment will be principle and how much will be interest.Separate the interest from the principle payment. For example, if you have purchased a $75,000 Hummer, the payments may be $2,000 a month. If the loan paperwork indicates that the monthly interest is going to total $500 of that $2,000, your payment is separated into $1,500 monthly for principle and $500 for interest.

Separate the interest from the principle payment. For example, if you have purchased a $75,000 Hummer, the payments may be $2,000 a month. If the loan paperwork indicates that the monthly interest is going to total $500 of that $2,000, your payment is separated into $1,500 monthly for principle and $500 for interest.Write the first check for your payment by clicking on the “Write Checks” icon. The payee is the finance company. Go down to the Expenses tab on the lower half of the Write Checks screen. The account in the first column is the loan account you created and named earlier. That amount is $1,500. The second account used is the interest expense account you created and named earlier with $500 as the amount. Click “Save and Close.”

Write the first check for your payment by clicking on the “Write Checks” icon. The payee is the finance company. Go down to the Expenses tab on the lower half of the Write Checks screen. The account in the first column is the loan account you created and named earlier. That amount is $1,500. The second account used is the interest expense account you created and named earlier with $500 as the amount. Click “Save and Close.” Check the Chart of Accounts. Open the “List” tab and click on “Chart of Accounts.” The amount on the loan liability should now be reduced by the amount of principle paid down by the first payment. If it isn’t, recheck the work and make sure you have followed each step exactly.

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How to Create a Balance Sheet Using 5 easy Steps in QuickBooks ?

A balance sheet is literally a vital way to analyze a business or financial health of an organization, and can be evaluated every month, it also gives a glimpse of a company’s net worth. In below given article know how to create a balance sheet using 5 easy steps in QuickBooks:

The aggregate total of your organization’s advantages levels with the estimation of the organization’s liabilities and proprietor’s value. You can play around with the comparison to detach one class. Most entrepreneurs and speculators utilize the accompanying comparison to ascertain the estimation of the organization’s value.

Beginning with money itself and moving into long haul ventures toward the end of the rundown. With the end goal of a yearly monetary file, you can isolate your rundown and “Settled Assets,” long haul belonging that can be sold or that hold esteem down the line, less devaluation.

As a rule, the lower your liabilities, the more prominent the estimation of your organization can be. obligations that should be paid out inside of one year, while “Altered Liabilities” allude to charges due at whatever time following one year.

The estimation of your advantages lessens your liabilities will bring about an estimation of the estimation of your organization’s capital. In the event that this mathematical statement results in a negative total assets, this can be unsafe for a little business; it will make it troublesome for to secure financing, which can be upsetting for an organization whose costs are now obscuring its benefits. This implies entrepreneurs have the choice of selling so as to gain capital piece of their business through value, stocks and/or profits. in a partnership, this is called “Stockholder’s Equity,” and it can incorporate basic stock, favored stock, paid-in capital, held profit, and so on. Having an Income Statement will help you in rounding out this segment, since it offers you some assistance with determining the opening parity value and the held profit.

When you set up everything together, a monetary file will most likely look something like this:

It can be utilized to secure financing or take a depiction of an organization’s present monetary state, however, it can likewise be utilized to assess the value of your organization after some time. While bookkeeping programming like QuickBooks can without much of a stretch create accounting reports and other budgetary articulations, it’s great to know the procedure to guarantee your counts are precise.

Looking at your “Present Assets” less “Present Liabilities” on a yearly premise will illustrate your organization’s yearly development and costs, which might have the opportunity to get better. Computing “Settled Assets” less “Altered Liabilities” can give an all the longer haul perspective of the organization’s quality after some time and its capacity to pay back long haul obligations or costs developed over numerous years.

Keep in mind, the costs of various organizations might shift significantly, so bear in mind the advantages and liabilities that are particular to your industry or zone. For more help with monetary files and other money related proclamations, see our infographic on budgetary reporting.If you are facing any problem using this then contact us QuickBooks Technical Support team to solve your query at a time.

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How QuickBooks Online Accountant Will Save Your Time in 3 Ways


Most small business owners are basically accountants themselves. They file their paperwork on time, they keep receipts meticulously, and they always remember to make sure that there’s money in the bank before they write a fat check for a new computer. Just kidding. Small business owners are like financial goldfish. That’s why they hire accountants like your beautiful, anal self. You remind them to do all the things that they would otherwise never remember – or even know – to do.

That’s where QuickBooks Online Accountant comes in, to help you keep a better eye on everything that’s going wrong.

It’s a free bit of software for anyone who signs up for the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program or who uses the software to manage at least one client with a QuickBooks Online account. More on the details and restrictions on QuickBook’s site.

Apart from having a clearer view of your goldfish tank, QuickBooks Online Accountant also gives you tools to help solve some of your clients’ most common problems. Here are three ways QuickBooks Online Accountant can make your life a little bit better.

Trial Balances for QuickBooks : 

Trial Balances for QuickBooks is the biggest bit of new fun for Accountant users. Last fall, Intuit rolled out a Trial Balance feature for QuickBooks Online Accountant (can we just call this QBOA?). As explained over on the Sleeter Report, Trial Balance means that you no longer need to export form QuickBooks to Excel, make your year-end adjustments, and then reimport into QuickBooks. Instead, you can manage the whole thing in QBOA. This used to be partially covered by the book-to-tax system, which moved data into Intuit Tax Online and let you map accounts to tax forms.

The underlying problem was one of access. Clients continued to make changes as year-end work was being done. Now, with Trial Balance, you can see what changes have been made by your meddling goldfish. You can still manage tax mappings and a whole host of other little details that make moving accounts into Tax Online simple and straightforward. If you’re already happy with the Intuit environment, the addition of Trial Balance into QBOA is going to be a huge time saver.

If you use another option – like Intuit’s Lacerte or ProSeries – you’ll still need to import/export to move your data.

Reporting tools in QBOA :

Basic reporting tools are the foundation of good financial understanding. While many businesses and accountants will be happy with profit and loss, cash flow, and income statements, QBOA gives you option to make more interesting reports. One of the nice, newer options is the ability to generate P&Ls that cover individual months or quarters. These are especially helpful for clients who have heavy seasonality in their revenues or expenses. Highlight the big pops and falls without getting clients bogged down in an overly large picture. With QBOA gives you the ability to add notes to charts and reports, which you can then export to PDF.

Value-add is the accounting buzzword for 2016 – and also for the rest of time. More and more automation gives accountants the freedom to focus on making the businesses they work with better at everything they do, not just in their financial management.

Give your clients something they can sink their teeth into. Goldfish don’t have teeth, but you get the idea.

Fix those pesky errors quickly :

There’s a long list of reasons accountants are valuable, but one of the big ones is that accountants understand all the bits of business finance that owners don’t. Inevitably, the month ends with a review of office supply purchases marked ‘uncategorized’ and 4AM takeout Chinese splurges marked ‘travel.’ In QBOA, you get a nice suite of tools to go through and make quick changes to miscategorized entries, view entries that clients have voided or deleted, and write-off past-their-collection-window invoices.

While I’m talking about this last thing, it’s the bread and butter of QBOA. It’s a tool you’ll use every day to manage your clients’ accounts more easily.


You know that little plastic castle you dropped in your fish tank? The one that the fish loved and swam around and then got kinda trapped in and died? It would have been perfect for another fish, but maybe it wasn’t great for your fish.

QuickBooks wants to tighten the links between your accounting firm and their brand. QBOA gives you a great set of tools, but it wants you to massage your workflow into the Intuit mold. If you’re not effective in Inuit products, QBOA isn’t going to change that.

If you’re in a growing accounting firm and you’re not sure what kind of clients you’ll take on in the future, trying to shoehorn everyone into QuickBooks Online can be dangerous. Plenty of clients will get better support and management from another accounting package, so becoming dependent on QBOA will put future-you in a bind.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice – an accounting software system is an ecosystem. Building that system with the wrong pieces can bring the whole thing crashing down.

Check out QuickBooks Online Accountant, see if it mirrors your existing workflow – or the workflow you’d like to have – and sign up for an account. Even if you only have one client on QuickBooks Online, it’s free. Keep an eye on developments – 2015 brought a host of new functionality – and if it turns into something you love, make the switch.

Let me give one more shout-out to the Sleeter Report. If you’re an accountant who doesn’t follow it, I think you might be doing it wrong. And,always check out for more tips and insights into the world of accounting software.


3 Reasons You Need a Payroll Audit


Fourlane’s biggest monthly expenditure is payroll. That’s pretty typical for many companies, especially those that don’t keep inventory. For us, it’s crucial to keep our payroll accurate and up to date, and I’m sure it is for you, too. If you outsource your payroll, an audit from an outside vendor provides checks and balances to ensure that your vendor is providing accurate service and meeting your goals.

Here are 3 reasons we do an internal payroll audit and recommend our clients perform one, too :

1. Accuracy. With so much of our monthly revenue on the line, we need to ensure our payroll is accurate and up to date. For example, a recent client audit found incorrect agency rates. Without an audit, that error would have continued and could have cost the company thousands of dollars.

2. Compliance. Payroll is monitored by state and Federal tax entities. Federal laws require all employers to maintain accurate records to verify they are making the correct contributions. Ensuring your FICA, withholding, state or local taxes, and unemployment taxes (in some states) calculate properly is important to avoid penalties. Our payroll audits frequently turn up errors in AFLAC deductions and Health Savings Account setup, for example, that could end up costing the company a lot of money.

3. Accounting. Errors in accounting, incorrect recordkeeping and inefficiencies can thoroughly mess up your bottom line. Incorrect QuickBooks setup is a big culprit in many of the common errors we see when performing payroll audits. Checking your QuickBooks setup will save you trouble, now and in the future. Incorrect mapping of payroll expense accounts and liabilities accounts in QuickBooks is a typical error we see. Recently, a client was making double payments on his liabilities inside of QuickBooks. Ouch!

Fourlane’s Luciana Fortune-Bass is certified in payroll audits by the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers and performs all of our client audits. She provides clients with a comprehensive breakdown of payroll errors, recommendations for correcting the errors and a list of penalties the client will incur if the errors are not fixed.

Payroll audits are just a part of best business practices. Contact us today to schedule one.  And you have facing any problem then speal to our payroll customer support number .





Whenever You Face Issues with “QuickBooks” Say “YES” To Technical Support

QuickBooks is accounting software which is now practised by every small and medium sized enterprise. What makes people to consider it? Its ultimate and unlimited features and benefits have made business owners to consider it only. The things which were performed manually before and which even, takes lots of money is no longer required with the availability of this software.

QuickBooks tech support

It is especially created for small businesses; with the help of this you can do financial management in much better way and that too, without wasting huge sum of money. Mainly, it is practised by the business owners for doing money management. Other than this, various other business tasks have become simpler such as sales tracking, tracking of any kinds of expenses, automatic creation of invoices, generation of financial reports, and nicest thing about this tool is that it is user friendly. These collections of benefits have made people to look after this and in turn, assist various business owners to hold a separate position in the market. With the availability of this technology, small business owners are capable of competing with leading companies.Still, there are few issues that have to be removed in any way for acquiring amazing experience with this software. Few issues need to be settled down are double entry and keying errors, limitations with file size, limited reporting, generic and impersonal support, standalone application lacks integration and this is not just the end. Most common issues being faced by the people while using it is that it doesn’t respond properly and sometimes unable to generate reports as its users are looking for (incorrect reports).

Still, there are few issues that have to be removed in any way for acquiring amazing experience with this software. Few issues need to be settled down are double entry and keying errors, limitations with file size, limited reporting, generic and impersonal support, standalone application lacks integration and this is not just the end. Most common issues being faced by the people while using it is that it doesn’t respond properly and sometimes unable to generate reports as its users are looking for (incorrect reports).

With the increase in issues, several companies providing live support aid are coming up. Such organizations comprises of highly skilled and trained professionals who can definitely resolve all your errors in just few seconds. These professionals got a chance to work under the roof of these companies after going through rough and tough training process and examinations. Now, they have reached to position where no one can match their experience and knowledge. By applying their experience and knowledge, they would definitely remove all your problems. In fact, they will tell you more about this software so that you can use it if you find any issue in future. These IT professionals are working in this aspect for many years and had already resolve queries of various people. Let they act as your supporting hand for cutting issues from its roots. With their assistance, every query of users will answered by them. They will stand beside you till your problem gets completely resolved. Give them one chance for supporting you and you will find amazing experience from this software after taking their support.

In order to acquire expert’s supervision, you just need to take your phone and dial the mentioned number on dial pad. Either you can contact with our experts over QuickBooks Technical Support Number services.

The author of above content have years of experience in writing such stuffs and by writing on such content, the author tries to reveal the importance of technical services providers. The writer tells people to consider their assistance whenever they face any kind of issues with their accounting software called ”QuickBooks”.

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